It is estimated that 80% of the United States population has suffered from back pain at least once in their lifetime.

The Wellback System helps to relieve back pain, and allows people with chronic pain to perform daily activities without feeling discomfort.

The Wellback System is a robust, easily accessible bench that releases muscle tension and spinal decompression, which is followed by the use of elastics to improve toning and posture stabilization.

Included is a “power station” which allows an active workout using resistance bands while maintaining back support. The Wellback System safely works on all the muscles of the body with a series of exercises, ranging from maximum simplicity up to very complex movements with high performance.

The key characteristic of the Wellback System is its bench that can adjust to different positions. The inclination or declination of the diaphragm is a simple and effective way to decompress your vertebrae. This will allow your back and joints to realign with a comfortable and safe position.