Sideros Engineering designs and manufactures for over 35 years 3 Axis and head and tailstock Welding Positioners, Down Draft Tables and Dust Collectors for thermal cutting machines, Deburring Tumblers and Storage Systems for Sheet Metal and Tubes/Profiles.

Established in 1981, Sideros Engineering has been operating for over 30 years in the field of machinery for sheet metal and plate fabrication, and it has always been considered as one of the world leading companies in this line of business.


  • Know-how and experience accumulated in more than 35 years of activity
  • Great competence and knowledge of equipment and technologies for metal plate fabrication
  • Great flexibility, which allows to offer tailorized products according to the customer needs
  • Highly qualified sales office on all the technical aspects of production
  • Technical Department engaged in the design of all machines and equipment
  • Research and Development Office is engaged in the development of new products and solutions
  • Rapid and punctual deliveries
  • Commercial service quickly and accurately in the fulfill our clients requests received
  • Technical and engineering service has all necessary software to interface easily with customers and to address and resolve any problems

This strenghts allows Sideros Engineering to meet the most diverse and qualified users.