Venture USA is an operating and service company linked to the processes of internationalization to the North American market.

In recent years Venture USA has worked to create an operative platform of commercial start-up and business development in the United States of America for Italian agricultural companies.

The operating platform includes entities operating throughout the American territory such as: importers, distributors, shipping agents and warehousing specialists, purchase networks, American food chains and related food service, plant production and packaging managers, marketing and development product experts and much more.

Thanks to all of these skills and its working teams, Venture USA was selected by Irecoop Veneto as the ideal partner for the GoWest project.

GoWest is the project of Irecoop Veneto and Venture USA, designed to accompany businesses in the United States of America. In a market full of opportunities, but complex to deal with, GoWest provides companies with an operational structure in the USA who’s able to face all the problems of export, entry, or expansion in the American market.

Market assessment, control of development activities in North America, valorization of investments made, and continuity of commercial and operational action are the fundamentals of the GoWest proposal. Thanks to the network of professionals and expertise in the USA, GoWest is able to meet the needs of companies belonging to completely different sectors from industrial to agricultural business, with services both aimed to the B2B and B2C markets.